The HD DVD Promo Group has announced yet more figures to prove that it's winning the format war.

This week it's suggesting that on a quarter over quarter basis for the first half of 2007 its research has found that overall HD DVD hardware sales in the US increased 37% from Q1 to Q2 2007, while software sales increased 20%.

As you would expect, the numbers, which are based on NPD, Nielsen, and point of sales data, state that Blu-ray hardware sales are declining by 27% during the same period, with Blu-ray software sales down approximately 5%.

The most dramatic growth in Q2 occurred with dedicated HD DVD CE players – more than 180% increase over Q1.

The HD DVD group say the figures have been bolstered by major spring marketing efforts which brought standalone HD DVD players down to $299 in the US.

“The numbers are clear – HD DVD is steadily gaining momentum and market share”, said Ken Graffeo, executive vice president of HD strategic marketing for Universal Studios Home Entertainment, and co-president of the HD DVD Promotional Group.

However HD DVD has yet to confirm whether the poor performance for Blu-ray in the data includes PS3 sales. We expect not.

We will keep you posted.

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