Epson has launched the ultimate home cinema kit for newbies not sure of what they need when it comes to setting up a projector, DVD player or amp.

Called the Ensemble Home Cinema System, Epson is claiming that it's the world’s first high performance, affordable, integrated audio and video projection system and they are probably right.

Included in the package is the choice of a 1080p or 720p high-definition Epson projector, a motorised 100-inch screen, an audio/video controller with integrated DVD player, a newly engineered Atlantic Technology speaker system and a proprietary subwoofer containing all 5.1 channels of amplification.

The entire system is controlled by a pre-programmed universal remote.

In addition, all mounting brackets, cables and wire management tracks are included.

According to Epson, you can be up and running in less than 4 hours, however it doesn't include the sofa or Cinema style armchairs.

No word as yet as whether or not this will be available in the UK, however the Epson Ensemble 1080 Home Cinema System will $6,999.00, and the Epson Ensemble HD with 720p projector; $4999.00.

Expect them to be available in time for Christmas.

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