Setting out to be the world's finest home cinema projector, the M80, coming soon from projectiondesign is not for the faint-hearted.

The M80 will be based on projectiondesign's existing Cineo80 professional quality projector.

With a price tag that will make your knees knock, this high-def monster boasts an in-house 1080p 3-chip light engine and robotic alignment of those chips and the prisms for the best possible results.

This system should mean pin-point colour accuracy, a amazing 50,000:1 contrast ratio and brightness of 8000 lumens.

A full suite of HDMI 1.3a technologies and 10-bit digital and analogue video processing will also do their bit to make the picture quality jaw-dropping.

Exact pricing is to be confirmed, and will only be revealed to anyone who is sitting down.

The M80 should be launched at the end of 2007/early 2008 so plenty of time to start, ahem, saving.

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