Evesham's e-box has been given a welcome revamp with the introduction of Dual-Core processing, high-definition capabilities and Windows Vista and is being launched as the new e-box HD.

The new Evesham 320GB e-box HD is a fully functional DTR and an all round entertainment system.

With a small footprint, almost silent operation and not unbecoming looks, it's one way of getting a computer into the lounge without a small war breaking out.

Supplied as standard with a fully functional remote control this claims to give you complete control of your digital entertainment from the comfort of your sofa.

The e-box HD combines state-of-the-art PC, TV, DVD and hi-fi capabilities into one simple system.

The AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ processor delivers Dual-Core technology providing up to 70% higher performance than predecessors which should mean efficient multi tasking, ideal when you wish to run more than one applications at any one time.

The e-box HD’s processing power means you can be watching TV while downloading your home movies without any waiting times or system lags.

The new e-box HD is also ready to go AMD Live! which puts all your movies, pictures, videos and TV programmes in one place, AMD Live! then allows you to access those files on your mobile, MP3 players, other TVs, etc.

The e-box HD boasts a Dual DVB-T TV Tuner that lets you watch, time-shift and record live television and record one digital channel while watching another.

Now with an HDMI port you can connect the new e-box HD to the your HD TV.

Other features include front mounted USB connections, and the inclusion of Microsoft Vista Home Premium as well as a Logitech Cordless Keyboard.

Prices start from £699, visit the site below for more info.