It's hard to see what would justify dropping over £12,000 on a projector, but the latest offering from SIM2 goes someway to put that obscene amount of money into perspective.

SIM2 claims that the C3X-E remains the world’s smallest, lightest and most competitively priced 3-Chip DLP home cinema projector at a third of the size and 75% lighter than any of its competitors.

The new C3X-E now implements true 10-bit video processing with high definition scaling and de-interlacing capabilities which makes it compliant with full High Definition 24 frames per second content.

This means you experience the film at exactly the same speed that is used to shoot and master the films for the cinema, delivering master quality images for a true cinematic experience.

It has three of the latest HD2+ DarkChip DC3 chipsets from Texas Instruments which means the C3X-E is capable of producing up to an mind-boggling 35 trillion colours on-screen.

An improved 250W lamp for truly exceptional brightness and a choice of two particles-free, high quality lenses completes the improved package.

Suggested retail price for the Grand Cinema C3X-E from £12,999.00 but you'll be glad to note that does include VAT.

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