Sharp is still the world’s only LCD TV producer to be awarded the European Union Commission's Eco-labels.

Sharp was awarded its first EU Eco-label in 2005 for the LC-SH1E series. The company is still the only LCD TV manufacturer who has successfully met the criteria of the scheme.

The company now has 40 such accolades, including recent awards for the LC-AD5E TVs in 20, 26 and 32-inch panel sizes as well as the LC-20SD5E.

The EU Eco-label scheme is a simple way of helping consumers to make informed choices about the products that they buy.

The logo is recognised all over Europe to certify environmentally-friendly and energy-saving features and covers a wide range of product groups.

Requirements for the EU Eco-label for television sets include:

* Consumption on standby below 1 watt
* Low electricity consumption when in use
* Recommendations for correct environmentally-conscious usage
* Designed for higher durability and materials with better recycling ability
* Availability of electronic replacement parts for at least seven years after the end of production

With the EU WEEE Directive that sets green standards for recycling consumer electronics recently becoming law, and increased consumer demand for green electronics, it won't be long before other manufacturers are forced to catch up, but for now, if you want a green TV, Sharp is your best bet.