Already voted "Best Inflight Entertainment in the World" in 2005 and 2006, Emirates Airline is not content to stop there and has launched its next generation, cutting-edge ice Digital Widescreen system, raising standards sky high.

Available in all classes, the ground-breaking new system features the airline world’s largest wide-screen TVs measuring 23-inches in first class, 17-inches in business class and 10.6-inches in economy.

Even the wireless handset controllers have been supersized, for anyone in First or Business, they feature a 7-inch touchscreen interface.

The handsets also features a full QWERTY keyboard, which will be handy for that in-flight SMS or email service, while also doubling as a satellite telephone and games controller.

Size isn't the only selling point - new features include "My USB", which allows you to view your holiday photos onscreen during the flight home, and "My Playlist", which lets you create your own compilation from the 10,000 music tracks available.

And if you get fed up of watching films and programmes on your monster screen?

Emirates' Airshow moving map has been totally redesigned and you can now see a full 3D animated model of the aircraft as it flies en-route to your destination, highlighting cities and points of interest on the way.