Top Up TV, a provider of TV content on the DTT platform, today announced that its Digital Television Recorder (DTR - what's more usually known in the UK as a PVR) will now be available both in store and online from John Lewis priced £139.

The Top Up TV+ DTR comes with a 160GB hard disk which has capacity for around 120 hours of recording space.

It includes the standard Freeview channels, an optional
subscription to Top Up TV Anytime programming and access to the premium sports channel Setanta Sports which will mean anyone buying the recorder can enjoy:

• 46 live Barclays Premiership football matches per season from August 2007
• 60 Scottish Premier league matches per season
• Top flight live European football: Serie A, Bundesliga, Le Championnat, Portuguese and Dutch Division 1

The Top Up TV+ DTR allows viewers to pause, rewind live TV as well as record two channels at the same time.

All customers receive a free month's trial of the Top Up TV Anytime service - which offers programming from Disney, Paramount, Discovery and more offering a choice of over 100 programmes that are sent overnight to the user's box and stored on the hard drive.

Each programme put onto the box will stay there for 7 days after which time it will be refreshed by something new.

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