SIM2 have launched the high definition 1080p Grand Cinema HT3000E projector.

Claiming that it is "without doubt the most beautifully styled projector available" it has a Giorgio Revoldini-designed cabinet.

The Grand Cinema HT3000E is capable of displaying images in the ultimate high definition standard, at its native resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels progressive (1080p), completely uncompressed.

It is boasts to be the only "full" high definition product to implement the new BrilliantColor technology developed by Texas Instruments.

This technology offers new levels of cinematic realism for genuinely film-like images by delivering a brighter picture, improved contrast, deeper blacks, and more detail.

The Grand Cinema HT3000E also utilises true 10-bit video processing (with high definition scaling and de-interlacing capabilities) to create the highest quality images.

10-bits-per-channel processing produces 1024 shades of a single colour: the result is the ability to render over one billion colours on screen.

Completing the package is a new particles-free, high-quality long throw lens, which makes it possible to project an image on a big screen up to 30 foot in size.

Pretty good? It'll certainly you cost a pretty penny - suggested retail price is from £9999.00.

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