Claiming to be the world's smallest full HD projector on the market, the Action! M25 (they're dutch so we assume it's not named in tribute to the Greater London car park of the same name) measures just 3.7 inches (h) x 9.2 inches (d) x 10.8 inches (w).

Despite the tidy dimensions this little chap offers full 1080p resolution thanks to a single Texas Instruments DMD chip.

Boasting Texas Instrument's BrilliantColor technology, which adds a new dimension to colours by reproducing a wider colour spectrum increasing saturation in difficult secondary colours, high-quality 10-bit video processing, HDMI 1.3 compatibility and brightness coming in at 1000 lumens you're in for a son et lumiere show of dazzling proportions.

We don't pricing yet, but don’t expect it to be cheap – a previous model, the 720p-capable Model Two was £3500.

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