The Regal Entertainment Group, a large cinema chain the States, is turning to technology to stop technical difficulties and movie-going louts spoiling decent, red-blooded American's cinematic experiences.

114 of the chain's cinemas are to be equipped with the new Regal Guest Response System (RGRS) a cunning device more commonly known as a pager.

A quick press of one of the four buttons - "Sound", "Picture", "Piracy" or "Other Disturbance" - will quickly summon a management-type to sort it.

It is hoped that this scheme will put a quick stop to loud talking, cell phone abuse or illegal videoing of films and will alert the management quickly to sound and vision problems that may arise during a screening.

What particularly tickled us about this new system is that the people with their fingers poised over one of the four buttons-of-power are going to be cinema customers – specifically members of the Regal Crown Club loyalty program who are entitled, through the participation in the RGPS scheme, to earn free popcorn, soft drinks and movies.

What isn’t clear in the information available is whether someone eating their popcorn too loudly can be classed as "Other Disturbance" but we suspect not.

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