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(Pocket-lint) - Fujitsu Plasmavision today announces the availability of two new additions to its range.

P55XHA51WSb and P63XHA51WSb are the latest 55 and 63-inch panels to join Fujitsu's portfolio of large screen plasmas and its custom install range.

Available in either silver or black, the panels both feature a 1366 x 768 pixel display with enhanced processing with the boast that they provide unparalleled SD and HD performance, in addition to low power consumption figures.

To enhance the quality of the image, Fujitsu has employed various approaches through their upgraded AVM II video processor that promise to deliver HD pictures of the highest possible quality.

These include pixel by pixel processing and scaling which retains fine detail. Detail retention and reconstruction when de-interlacing which discards as little detail as possible when transforming, and reconstructs lost data on moving objects, filtering out any "jaggies".

In addition motion correction looks ahead a number of frames to better track moving images and ensure smooth movement across the screen while noise reduction removes noise from lower quality video.

The panels also feature 900cd/m2 brightness and a 3000:1 contrast ratio as well as a variety of connections including two HDMI ports, Composite Video, S-Video, 2x Component Video, PC VGA, RS232 and 3x Stereo Audio.

The P63XHA51WSb and P55XHA51WSb are available at guideline prices of £6495 and £4495 respectively, through specialist AV retail outlets and custom installers.

Writing by Amy-Mae Elliott. Originally published on 18 May 2007.
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