Pioneer's first Blu-ray disc player will be available in June and just to let you know what you can look forward to we have an "highlights" overview of what you can expect…

Pioneer promises the BDP-LX70 gets the best out of high definition media and it has a logo to prove it, the "HD Digital Film Direct" accreditation means it delivers "master quality" audio and video exactly as the film-makers intended, perfectly played back at 1080p and 24Hz, exactly the same speed and using the same 24 frames per second as the film was shot, stored, mastered and screened at the cinema.

The player supports Dolby TrueHD. This means that not only are you guaranteed full high definition video quality, but "lossless" audio: sound without any distortion, interference or noise, again, as the film sound engineers intended.

Other particularly wizzy features of note for this new player are its connectivity options – it can receive compressed audio, movie and image files across your home IP network, as the player is DLNA compatible (by Ethernet), it means that content such as MPEG2, WMV9, WMA9 Pro, MP3 and JPEG files (for example) can be streamed from a home computer or server to the player (it complies with Windows Media Player 11).

In addition, the BDP-LX70 is not only a Blu-ray disc player, but can also play your entire DVD collection, supporting both PAL and NTSC playback. And it can play audio CDs, too.

It certainly all looks good, the big question of course is how much it will be – this is yet to be confirmed, but as it's not out until June there's a bit of time to start saving...

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