The Internet is changing our habits, especially that of listening to radio, according to new research from Sony.

Sony found that one in three people are now tuning into radio online, with more 35-44-year-olds using the web than 24-34-year-olds.

According to this research 15% of people are now using the internet rather than the traditional wireless, with more men (36%) tuning online than women (25% of those who listen through the net).

At the same time as internet, digital TV is proving a hit for radio with 42% of people tuning in, DAB radio sets holds 36% of listeners and mobile users make up 12%.

Steve Dowdle, MD, Sony UK, said: "Internet radio is no longer the preserve of technology enthusiasts. This research shows that it is hugely popular among millions of people from a wide range of ages. We can see just what an impact the internet is having on radio, changing how millions of us listen, and even changing what we listen to and when".