Sharp has announced the availability of a three-in-one video player that goes old school with inclusion of VHS.

The AQUOS line of products incorporates VHS, DVD and a 250GB HDD for video recording and just like other AQUOS media recorders the DC-ACV52 records HD programming and works with other AQUOS products.

It may seem a little out-dated but Sharp's choice in system seems to make sense, particularly with the rapid change in video play formats in the past 10 years. Anyone with a large collection of VHS won't have to replace them, and it’s an easy way to move into new HD technology.

The only down side is the product looks quite bulky and not the most innovative of designs, so really ideal for those still looking back but thinking about moving forward.

There is no official price yet however we understand they will be available from the end of May 2007.

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