2012 is a popular date here in the UK with everything set to change from sport right through to TV as the digital switch over happens.

When digital TV becomes the way to watch television then VCRs and DVDs will apparently become redundant, creating a trail of wasted VCRs that will stretch from London to Rio de Janeiro.

Top Up TV state that from 2008 VCRs will no longer be able to record a different TV channel to the one being watched. The company would like to tell people that if you plan to watch one channel and record another using the standard recorder this will not be practical.

So as a piece of advice from Top Up TV "Any analogue TV set or recording device such as a VCR will no longer receive TV programmes so it is important that the public begin to think about converting all of their devices and not just their TV sets if they are to be ready for digital".

And going by the stats the company released 76% of main household television sets have an analogue recorder attached. So that means most of will have to go out and buy brand new equipment.