If you're a projector enthusiast who likes using them for anything, then good news - especially for those who need it for professional use, two products by Epson were made for this and not cinema/entertainment.

The EMP-X5 features 2200 lumens and a 1024 x 768 (Real XGA) resolution, just like the EMP-822 but with 2600 lumens this time. The weight is similar (2.7/2.9Kg), contrast is identical (400:1) and they share the 3LCD technology.

With various extra features to make them distinct, such as the "Direct Shut Down" and "Quick Start Up" or "One Touch and Off". Plus, Epson has made it a no wait; you don't need to hang around for the lamp to cool down here.

Epson seems to have made an easily transportable projector.

The EMP-888 can come equipped with a remote and a wireless mouse.

Not yet available in the UK, just Japan, but we will keep you posted.

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