Sound systems are something to take pride in and often require a bit of extra expenditure to get it right. How about spending £70,000 on limited edition loudspeakers by Ross Lovegrove.

No doubt a piece of art in its own right, called Muon, the shape and style of these speakers look like it's been taken straight out of the Matrix.

If you want to be one of the only people to have these, then it's easy because only 100 pairs have been made. Standing almost seven foot high the Muon concept is a collaboration between two British designers - KEF, the breakthrough loudspeaker manufacturer, and Apple's visionary industrial designer, Ross Lovegrove, best known for his work on the iMac.

The beauties have sexy and sassy curves with what looks like an immaculate reflective veneer, created by using super-formed aluminium. The shell is 6mm thick and heavily damped to prevent sound-distortion from vibrations.

As for the sound - Muon is a four-way speaker, with the drivers front mounted to the structure. It uses KEF's proprietary Uni-Q drive unit array, to deliver seamless sonic picture throughout the room.

Two additional bass drivers mounted in the back of Muon help produce its clean 70k sound, which interacts with the room effects. KEF has also used its Acoustic Compliance Enhancement technology, which doubles the available volume through adsorption of air molecules by activated carbon - aka "magic dust" by the audio industry.

Get in quick with £70k if you want a pair.