Projectors seem to be making a comeback and now with HDTV capabilities some have specs better than most TVs. Projectiondesign has teamed with BrilliantColour to give you extra colour to your picture.

Launching the projectiondesign M20, the 720p projector adds a new dimension to the projected image by adding three extra colours. The 7x colour wheel is using six segments of red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow.

The M20 comes compact and silent measuring just 234 x 278 x 94mm in a magnesium cabinet available in vanquish grey, pearl white and maranello blue.

The company claim the key improvements make it close to a 3-chip DLP projector. On the list of offering are the promise of superior colour reproduction, capable of resolving 200 trillion colour shades, and improved natural colours, deeper blacks with less noise.

The company also says that it can offer greater image dynamics and brightness, strong, clear colours with more natural flesh tones, smoother colour and tonal gradations, improved low level and shadow detail.

Priced mid-range at £3500, it sounds like a good model, it is available now.

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