Epson has launched two new projectors mainly designed for business use with extra brightness for viewing in light rooms.

The EMP 1810 and EMP 1815 both features 3500 lumens of light, as well as XGA resolution, and a 1.6x zoom lens.

Designed for easy maintenance, the lamp and filter can be replaced quickly even if the projector is on the ceiling.

Both projectors also include Epson's quick set-up feature; you simply point the projector at the screen, press a button, and the projector will automatically resize the projected image to fit inside the screen.

The EMP 1815 differentiates itself from the EMP 1810 with wired and wireless networking for integration on a business network. It also features USB connectivity and a CF card slot.

The network connection allows EMP 1815 to access information directly, so that files can be changed on the CF card directly.

Both devices will create a 60-inch screen from 1.8m away.

The EMP 1810, which will be available for around £1800 weighs 2.9kg, while the 1815, which will cost around £150 more, weights 3.1kg.

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