Pinnacle Systems has launched Pinnacle PCTV To Go, a LocationFree system similar to Sony's and Slingbox's current offering so users can watch their own television signal via an internet connection.

As the current systems available on the market, users will be able to tune into home TV sources including cable, satellite, Digital Terrestrial, IPTV, PVR and DVD players without having to be seated in their living room.

Video is streamed over the Internet via the home internet modem to the PC in high-quality MPEG4 format. Mobile access is password-restricted to one user at a time.

In addition to watching live and recorded home TV on their PCs, users can control and record programs.

Pinnacle PCTV To Go is available in either a LAN and wireless versions. The Pinnacle PCTV To Go Wireless systems and PCTV To Go LAN systems will be available from mid-March at the Pinnacle Systems website and at major retailers. SRP is £199.99 for PCTV To Go Wireless and £149.99 for PCTV To Go LAN.