Movie fans hoping to get brand new film titles on Blu-ray that aren't already available on DVD from Twentieth Century Fox will have to wait until April even though the company is launching its second wave of films to coincide with the launch of the PlayStation 3 in the UK.

Launching on March 12th, Fox is offering a range of classic Hollywood blockbuster just 11 days before the launch of Sony's new next generation console. Films are: X-Men The Last Stand, From Hell, Flight of the Phoenix, Behind Enemy Lines, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Speed.

In April, fans of Eragon will be able to get their hands of the DVD. Night at the Museum staring Ben Stiller will also be launched in April alongside older films The Sentienel, Alien Vs Predator, Men of Honour, Courage Under Fire and Rising Sun.

“We are looking forward to this pivotal year and the ultimate establishment of Blu-ray as the High Definition packaged media standard”, noted Mike Dunn, Worldwide President, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

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