Streaming media wirelessly throughout your house is the buzzphrase of choice at the moment, with Apple TV on the horizon and Sony's networking solution announced yesterday.

Buffalo has announced the availability of its media player, the LinkTheater Wireless-A&G, which works to 802.11a/b/g standards and lets you stream multimedia across the house.

Its TV-based user interface lets your browse your music, photo, and video files, as well as access internet applications.

Buffalo has taken care of security with the AirStation One-Touch Secure Station, which is a push-button wireless installation and security configuration that can be activated easily.

Connectivity includes USB2, as well as composite, S-video, Scart, and an ethernet port.

It will also facilitate playback from LinkStation Live and an unlaunched product called TeraStation Live.

The Media Player is available now for around £128 from retailers including Amazon and