A DVD Home-Cinema system in a box that offers HDMI switching and DVD 720p/1080i upscaling CD, SACD, DVD-Audio, DAB and FM Radio, iPod integration has been launched by UK Hi-Fi specialists Arcam.

The £2000 Solo Movie 5.1, Arcam is based on Arcam's renowned high-end AV, DVD and Hi-Fi components.

"Too many consumers spend £2k to £3k on a good LCD or Plasma and then are ill advised enough to cripple the sound and picture, with a cheap mass market DVD surround system or supermarket special", a spokesman on behalf of the company told us. "At £2000 the Solo Movie is a absolute bargain in the context of the performance it delivers, competitor's prices and the Flat Screens it will be used with."

The Solo 5.1 boasts connectivity and playback abilities far beyond current "one box" home cinema systems. Its internal 720p/1080i video scaler, 1080p HDMI switching and universal disc playback, Arcam say "makes it the perfect partner for HDTV video displays".

Other features include a 2 into 1 HDMI switching at 1080p to route devices such as Sky HDTV and your Xbox 360 through, full iPod integration and control with Arcam's optional rLead and rDock, 50 (real) Watts rms x 5 channel non-digital amplifier, and of course according to Arcam, "the world’s finest clock radio".