For those of you with lots of cash and no time to wait to see who emerges from the Blu-ray vs. HD DVD battle, VidaBox offers a complete home media system right out of the box.

The latest bundle in its range integrates Blu-ray and HD DVD drives with a CableCARD, which has dual internal digital cable receivers.

In addition, it stores more than 3TB of RAID-5 disks so you can keep your digital movies on file.

The CableCARD is obtained from a cable TV provider, and lets you record HD digital channels, two different ones at the same time while watching another.

Content recorded from CableCARD can also be played back on Xbox 360 systems.

The system will be on sale in March; as each is custom built, prices vary, but they will start at $4975, without a CableCARD.

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