Hannspree, the makers of plush children's TVs, are extending their range to encompass a line dubbed Style.

In a departure from convention, Hannspree has created TVs that either look very retro or super modern, but none that you could call boring black.

Weirdly, they call come with HDMI inputs, but aren't able to display 1080 resolution, and achieve only 768.

The oddly-named HANNSlounge encompasses 26-inch, 32-inch, and 37-inch models, and is modelled on 1950s-style TV sets.

The displays are encased in a walnut shell, with a leather-effect front and deer-horn shaped aluminium stands.

The HANNSvibe is described by the company as in the style of POP art, but actually look more iPod-esque. It comes with two detachable speakers and 2m of cable.

Then there's the HANNSnara, which is designed to look minimalist but actually looks old-fashioned, and features a 37-inch widescreen.

And finally, the HANNSwing, a 32-inch TV with a wide display, black casing, silver detail, and “large speaker nets”.

The range starts at £679 for the 26-inch HANNSlounge.

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