Hauppauge has introduced a triple tuner hybrid TV card the receives analogue, Freeview, and satellite TV all on the same WinTV HVR-3000 card.

This means that you can receive any free-to-air TV, including digital terrestrial, digital satellite, and analogue TV, including cable, to your PC.

The card plugs into a free PCI slot, and then must be connected to a TV aerial or satellite dish. Bundled with SoftPVR software, users can schedule and record programmes as they would on a standalone VCR or digital video recorder, and choose to record in MPEG1-VCD, MPEG2-SVCD, or MPEG2-DVD qualities.

For those that set up a PC as a media centre, external video sources connect to the card by S-Video, Composite, and stereo audio inputs.

The card is compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista, but requires a machine with at least a 1.5GHz processor or faster. Mac users are out of luck.

The HVR-3000 is available now for around £100.