BitTorrent is going fully legit having signed deals with Paramount and Fox to distribute videos for them this spring.

Set for launch in February, BitTorrent's new video store will offer content for a fee from Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, and Fox, as well as TV shows from MTV. Warner Bros is also on the list.

What will set BitTorrent apart from other downloading sites like Amazon Unbox, Apple iTunes, and as of yesterday, Wal-Mart? BitTorrent execs say that they will offer the fastest download thanks to their Peer-to-peer system.

P2P breaks down files into small pieces that are then shared amongst users.

"We come to the table with a solution to piracy", said Eric Patterson, a general manager at BitTorrent. "Millions of people are using BitTorrent to download content legally and illegally. We know from our research that 30% of that audience will pay for content."

"We're going to help the studios turn an enormous problem into a viable sales channel."

Most video download-to-own sites have yet to take off, with Amazon Unbox receiving a lukewarm reception despite its enormous library of titles.

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