NEC has unveiled three new high-end consumer plasma screens, dubbed the XR range in its Plasmasync series.

At 42, 50, and 60-inches, the plasmas include the AMX Cafe Duet, which is a programming language that enables the plasma to communicate with a range of digital and audio devices.

They also include the Bonded Colour Filter, to reduce reflection and improve brightness.

Other features include Red Colour Purity to improve skin tone reproduction, and Auto Dynamic Gamma Correction to enhance moving picture image between light and dark scene detail.

For the eco-friendly set, the monitors also operate with reduced power consumption, resulting in a 22% reduction in consumption over previous models.

Not for your average Joe, the new range has been designed for the high-end consumer, and to be professionally installed and integrated into built-in home entertainment systems.

"The XR series is the future in high performance integrated plasmas, designed for high-end consumes with state of the art homes now, or being designed and built for the enjoyment of High Definition content from HDTV to games, PCs and home entertainment servers", said Simeon Joseph, NEC product manager.

The 42XR5, 50XR6, and 60XR5 all feature 2 HDMI inputs.

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