Arcam, the British-based electronics manufacturer, has launched the FMJ DV139 upscaling DVD player and universal audio player.

The player promises to match high-end CD players in audio quality, eliminating the need for two high-priced systems. It also promises near 1080p picture from standard DVD discs, and runs on a Zoran Vaddis 888S core processing engine. For those who understand these things, it also incorporates ABT102 video deinterlacer, and "broadcast quality ABT1010 1080p".

Twin audiophile-grade toroidal transformers give audio signals a completely separate power supply from the digital and video parts. The device also features an HDMI digital video/audio output, and supports DVD video and audio, CDs, SACD audio, and DiVX video playback.

It comes with a CR100 backlit remote control, and has an improved, sleeker user interface. During set up, the device's menu will take you through a display wizard to correctly calibrate the monitor for optimal brightness, contrast, colour, and sharpness.

The Arcam FMJ DV139 is available for £1800 this month.

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