HANNspree, the company that brought us those plush animal TVs earlier in the year has launched a new line of LCD TVs for sports fans.

Available as a football, golf ball or basketball the new televisions range in screen size from a 9.6-inch to 15-inch and boast a 360° design.

The football TV called the HANNSdribbling LCD TV, is shaped as a football and its surround is made from genuine football leather mimicing the traditional black and white hexagonal football design. The speakers are cleverly hidden within the black pentagonal areas of the leather design whilst the IR sensor for the Remote Control is incorporated into the power button simplifying the LCD TVs appearance.

The HANNSgolf 15-inch LCD TV likewise has been designed to look like a golf ball and comes in a pristine white golf ball dimple surround inspired by the traditional golf ball houses the 1024 x 768 XGA screen, two precisely balanced iron club heads make up the LCD TVs base, whilst a novel, oversized green golf tee acts as the stand.

Finally, there is the wall mountable HANNSball.champions 15-inch LCD. Designed to look exactly like a real life basketball and made from authentic basketball leather. Along with a complete list of NBA Finals Champions, the true NBA logo is embossed into the HANNSball.champions’ leather surround.

The HANNSdribbling LCD TV retails at £299, the HANNSgolf LCD TV retails at £389 and the HANNSball.champions LCD TV retails at £459.

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