Evesham has announced that it is going head on against BT's new BT Vision service and Sky's Sky+ service with the launch of a new all singing all dancing Personal Video Recorder.

Called the Evesham iplayer, the new device launched today combines a digital TV receiver, real-time HD upscaler, time-shifting digital TV recorder, network media centre, Internet browser and download station in a box that according to Evesham will change "The way we watch TV forever".

Key features of the new device include a real time upscaller that promises to improve the picture quality from regular SD to HD quality images and the ability to schedule recordings to be one-off, daily or weekly. The iplayer is supplied as standard with an 80GB HDD which Evesham say will give 70 hours of recording.

But being more than just another PVR, Evesham is pushing the Internet capabilities of the player. Using the TV Max facility, whether connected to a networked computer or directly to the Internet, the iPlayer allows you to browse, compose, send and receive emails and play Podcasts.

The iPlayer is completely subscription free but using the internet browser and download station, allows you access to ipTV.

With an eye to the future the iPlayer is Catch UP TV ready, a facility for internet connected users allows you to watch previously aired programmes.

Available now exclusively from Evesham Technology, priced at £299.99.