Here’s another TV tuner for your computer – as long as you’ve got a PCI slot, you’re good to go. The Cinergy HT PCI from Terratec receives both analogue and digital TV broadcasts and records them to your choice of media.

Installation requires that you plug it into an open PCI slot, run the software, and connect the TV cable or the supplied DVB-T mini antennae.

The card features analogue interfaces so that you can connect your video recorder or DVD player to it and transfer recordings to the PC. It comes with TerraTec Home Cinema software so that you can record straight to PC or external USB drives. As with all twin-tuning devices, you can view one channel and record another simultaneously.

Via the Electronic Programme Guide you can record a certain time, or subscribe to tvtv so that you can activate the recorder via the Internet or mobile phone remotely.

The Cinergy HT PCI is available for £55.