Fujitsu has unveiled three new high-spec, high-price TVs, two of them plasmas and one LCD.

The 37-inch LCD and the 65-inch plasma should be launched next January, while the 50-inch plasma won’t be available until next summer. They’re part of the new Aviamo range, which uses a new generation of video processing technology, dubbed AVM III. All three boast 1920 x 1080 resolution with two HDMI connections, and are able to scale standard definition images as low as 480i/p.

The AVM III adds full 1080p processing to the capabilities of the original AVM II processor, as well as advanced colour management with a new menu selection to allow for gamma adjustment; 24p/30p film mode to improve motion smoothness for film-based media; and contour correction to reduce jagged edges.

They’re all framed in black piano gloss, and come with integrated stands complete with B&W stereo speakers. The 37-inch LCD will cost around £3000, while the massive 65-inch plasma will retail for a round £12,000.

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