JVC has launched two new media systems under the name Sophisti, the larger called the DD-8, and the smaller called the DD-3.

The DD-8 not only plays back DVDs and CDs, but also is able to connect to PCs via a LAN connection. Sound is delivered via two front speakers with Oblique Cone Woofers and a subwoofer that create surround sound via Front Surround Technology. The system also connects to portable devices via USB, and also features an HDMI socket for connections to a high-def display.

The new Network Media Player facilitates connection to a PC to play video or photo files, as well as audio tracks. Navigation has been made as easy as possible a user interface on screen. Wi-Fi connectivity is also supported with an optional router.

The 2-way floor-standing front speakers integrate asymmetrically mounted voice coils to eliminate interference, and are encased in thick wood with a curved design to improve sound.

In addition to the DD-8, JVC has also released the DD-3, which provides similar functions on a smaller scale. The DD-8 will be on sale for around £1,300, while the DD-3 will cost about £700.

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