Pinnacle has released three more of its PC-as-TV products in the UK: The PCTV DVB-T PCI, the PCTV Hybrid Pro Stick, and the PCTV Dual Hybrid Pro PCIe.

The DVB-T PCI received digital terrestrial TV and radio on the PC, and comes with a remote control for easy access. Bundled with TVCenter software, the PC is turned into a PVR (personal video recorder) capable of TimeShift, MPEG1/2 and DivX recording, Electronic Programme Guide, and receiving FM and Internet radio. An AutoPowerOn/Off feature will turn your PC on if it’s off in order to record scheduled programmes.

The PCTV Hybrid Pro Stick goes into the USB2.0 socket to receive analogue TV as well as TimeShift DVB-TV. It comes with a mini remote control and rod antenna, and includes a new A/V input for recording from camcorders and other devices.

Finally, the PCTV Dual Hybrid Pro PCIe is a Dual-Tuner PCI Express card for DVB-T and analogue TV, both antenna and cable. It’s easy to set up because of Automatic Signal Detection technology. Up to two antennas or cables can be connected to it.

The Stick and Pro PCIe card come with Pinnacle MediaCenter software that facilitates recording capabilities. They’ll be available for £70 and £90 respectively, while the DVB-T PCI will ship for around £30.