Sharp has created a television that is capable of showing three different images at the same from three different angles.

Sharp's Triple Directional Viewing LCD is a display that controls the viewing angle so that the display can show different images from the left, right, and centre simultaneously.

Building on its Double Directional Viewing LCD shown last year, that can be used in products like car navigation systems to allow the driver to see one thing and the passenger another.

Using a proprietary parallax barrier on a standard TFT LCD, the screen splits light in three directions - left, right, and centre - and displays three separate images on the same screen at the same time.

Sharp suggest that a triple directional screen could be used by entertainment systems in the car.

"Imagine, for example, people taking a drive in a van. The driver uses a car navigation system screen, the person in the passenger seat checks out tourist sites and restaurants, and the person in the back seat enjoys a movie on DVD, all in fullscreenview", the company said in a statement.

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