Epson has teamed up with JVC for its latest home cinema system to combine Epson’s 3LCD projector technology with JVC’s DVD player and speakers.

The EMP-TWD3 is easy to set up, and is bundled with an 80-inch screen and stand so you just have to unbox the devices and plug them in.

Epson calls the system “HD compatible”, but it isn’t designed specifically for high-definition, which makes it more affordable. The 7kg projector is portable enough so that the system can be easily moved or taken down until required, and has horizontal and vertical lens shift so that the images can be projected properly. A 60-inch image requires that the project be just 1.5 metres away from the screen.

The projector integrates Epson Cinema Filter for sharp and vibrant images, as well as 1200 ANSI lumens, and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. Its front control panel lets you choose from four different colour modes to adjust the image depending on the ambient conditions.

With JVC’s 10W speakers, the home cinema system costs £699 and is available in September.

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