Looking for a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to transfer TV shows and movies to your iPod? Wingspan has the answer.

The California-based company has developed a product called iLoad+, which is an add-on to its flagship iLoad device. The iLoad efficiently rips your CD collection to your iPod directly, without the need for a computer.

But iLoad+ is arguably the more interesting device, as it transfers audio and video content from your cable or satellite box directly to an iPod or USB drive, bypassing the computer altogether.

For $100, this device save you having to mess around with audio and video software and TV tuners on your computer; and if you already have a USB external hard drive, it turns that simple storage device into a personal video recorder.

iLoad+ can be set to record programmes via its own programme guide, and it says that the quality of the video captured is the same as if you download video from iTunes to your iPod.

It also transfers programs from a USB storage device to the iPod and back again, all using its built-in LCD screen.

The iLoad will be available for $249, while the iLoad+ is just $100. Visit

iLoad's website

for order information.

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