The tangle of cables at the back of your TV will shortly be much simplified if a new technology developed by Tzero for wireless HDMI is widely adopted.

The company, which specialises in ultra wideband wireless technology, has teamed up with Analog Devices, which produces high-performance semiconductors, to develop the first standards-based wireless HDMI.

The technology will create wireless connections between HDTVs, DVD players, set-top boxes, games systems, and other devices, thereby freeing them of cluttered cables and potentially saving the consumer money on expensive HDMI cables.

Mike Gulett, president and CEO of Tzero says, “The wireless HDMI solution lets consumers eliminate the cost and complexity of hard-wired HDMI connections, for which even short cable runs cost hundreds of dollars”.

The interface developed by the two companies is completely compatible with other WiMedia devices, and won’t interfere with Wi-Fi networks and household appliances, as it is standards-based.

The hardware consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter compresses video data using Analog Devices compression codec and sends the packets over the air to the receiver in the HDMI port, which is able to decompress the audio and visual data.

It has the ability to communicate through walls and into different rooms, so that devices can potentially be stored in a cupboard, away from the display unit.

Tzero and Analog Devices say that the product is already available for evaluation, with pricing available on request.