First there was the piano black fridge embellished with sparkling Swarovski crystals; now Pocket-lint brings you news of the most expensive TV set in the world, the Yalos Diamonds.

At least, it's advertised as the most expensive TV, but LG may have the edge with their 24-carat gold plated TV home entertainment system. However, while Italian TV manufacturer Keymat is quite candid about the price, LG is a bit coy about the figures.

The Diamonds set is studded with – you guessed it – diamonds that sparkle on the glossy black frame.

The price for this gorgeous little number is a worrying €100,000; personally, we’d rather wear the diamonds than have our TV studded with them.

Keymat says that Yalos is made with “unconventional materials such as glass and Plexiglass”, but quite what is so unconventional about them is not clear. However, the set doesn’t show any signs of screws and welds, and the logo has apparently been screen-printed backwards and changes colour depending on whether the set is on or off.

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