Fox has announced its Blu-ray launch plans for the US and Europe in a press conference at IFA 2006 in Berlin, Germany.

Mike Dunn, President of Home Entertainment of 20th Century Fox announced the company would be launching eight new titles on the 10 November in Japan and the 14 November in the UK and US, just three days before Sony's PlayStation 3 console launches in the UK and US.

The films which have grossed over $2billion dollars in box office receipts and over 90 million DVDs already sold shows that the company clearly believes and expects consumers to up grade current libraries.

The films will be:

Behind Enemy Lines
Fantastic Four
Kiss of the Dragon
Omen: 666
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Kingdom of Heaven Directors cut.

According to Dunn, the key title will be Kingdom of Heaven, which will be the company's first dual sided 50 Gigabyte disc. It will be 3 hours and 42 minutes long and already has the backing from its director Ridley Scott.

Fox, who also looks after MGM said it will be launching four titles on the new format. They will be; Usual Suspects, Windtalkers, Bullet Proof Monk, Rocky on the new format.

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