Lindy has launched a useful little device which expands the number of HDMI sockets on a TV or monitor.

Most older HD-ready TVs only have on HDMI socket, although new ones, like the WLT68 series launched by Toshiba yesterday, are sporting up to three.

Lindy’s HDMI Switch Remote lets you plug in a Sky box, DVD, and gaming console into the device and then switch between them using an included remote control or by pressing the front buttons.

The device is fully HD compliant and supports resolutions up to 1080p, as well as multi-channel digital audio.

In addition, Lindy has launched a DVI Switch Remote that lets you connect the video output of up to four DVI (Digital Video Interface) or HDMI devices to a DVI-equipped TV or other device.

The HDMI Switch Remote is on sale for around £150, while the DVI Switch Remote costs £30 more.

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