As Pocket-lint reported in May, Fox Entertainment Group has confirmed that it is planning to use its corporate network of internet sites, which includes, to sell movies and TV Shows for download by October.

Fox will sell hit TV shows like "24", and "Prison Break", as well as films through and other sites that are owned by the umbrella organisation, Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation.

The sites are expected to charge $19.99 for movies, and $1.99 for TV episodes, which will include a license to download to two Windows PCs, each of which can transfer the video to a portable device.

It is not yet known if the downloads will be available to burn on to a DRM-protected DVD.

After videos are purchased, they will be available to download at the Direct2Drive download site, also owned by the same corporation.

At the moment, Direct2Drive provides videogame downloads for purchase, but Rupert Murdoch plans to use its technology to expand Fox's involvement in the movie download market.

There is even talk that other studios and video distributors could use Direct2Drive as their downloading platform.