Universal Pictures has extended its download-to-own service in an agreement with music download site Wippit.

Starting in July, consumers will be able to purchase Universal Pictures films from Wippit's website on the day they are released on DVD.

New releases like Jarhead, King Kong, Pride and Prejudice, Inside Man, and American Dreamz will be among the first available for download. Older catalogue titles will also be available.

Pricing will range from £4.99 up to £19.99, with a special introductory offer of 3 titles for £20.

As in Universal's DTO partnership with AOL that was unrolled earlier this year, the downloads will be available for permanent ownership.

Consumers who purchase a DVD will receive it three ways – as a download to PC, as a download to a portable device, and as a hard copy through the post.

The downloads will only support Windows-based portable media devices and will not support Apple iPods. This will disappoint many iPod owners who use their iPod as a portable video player.



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