Channel 4 has become the first major UK broadcaster to stream its programming live online, beating both the BBC and ITV who are still trailing services to UK users.

Called Simulcast, UK users who sign up for the service will be able to watch all of the broadcaster’s programming online at the same time as it is aired on terrestrial TV.

However, some of the shows will be unavailable online due to the rights that channel 4 have to broadcast programmes on the internet.

These are largely restricted to programmes Channel 4 has acquired from other broadcasters rather than commissioned itself.

Programmes such as Deal or No Deal, Big Brother, the Paul O'Grady Show, Countdown, Channel 4 News and Supernanny were all commissioned by Channel 4, and will be available to watch on the Live Simulcast.

Other programmes such as Friends, Lost and Desperate Housewives were acquired from American broadcasters and will not be viewable on the Live Simulcast.

Workers keen to catch Channel 4 racing will also be disapointed.

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