Channel 4 is creating more online content for viewers, promising live TV on the PC as well as video downloads of popular films.

Following the BBC's lead in streaming the World Cup, Channel 4 is putting many of its shows online for people to watch on their PCs.

Shows like Lost and some films that are acquired by Channel 4 will not be available, unfortunately.

The service is to be launched in June on Channel 4's website, although exactly when in June isn't clear.

The Guardian is reporting that Channel 4 is also set to launch a video-on-demand download service in the autumn.

According to its report, Channel 4's business director, Ron Henwood, confirmed that a deal has already been agreed to bring shows like Desperate Housewives and Lost, to the service.

It's all part of Channel 4's television extension and part of the launch of FilmFour as a free-to-air service next month.

Videos will be able to be rented or purchased through the service.