If you can't raise the cash to get yourself a HDTV and subscription to Sky HD or Telewest this summer to watch the World Cup, Odeon Cinemas are offering you the chance to see it on an even bigger screen.

A company called Euro1080 has acquired non-exclusive rights to broadcast live World Cup games in HDTV at a number of cinemas across the UK, and Europe for that matter.

Cinemas in 23 European countries, including the UK, will offer the chance to watch the matches on big screens in the 16:9 aspect ratio that is standard to HDTV broadcast.

Currently, Odeon cinemas in Wimbledon, Bath, Birmingham, Guildford, Covent Garden, Liverpool, Sheffield, Southampton, and Leicester Square, and UCI cinemas in Manchester, Newcastle, Maidenhead, Greenwich, and Norwich will offer the HDTV broadcasts.

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