Anticipating that the 40,000 and counting new Sky HD subscribers are going to be disappointed with their existing DVD quality in comparison with SKY HD, Arcam is touting one of the very first DVD players to deliver Near-HD quality from a standard DVD.

The Arcam DV137 promises to allow you to neglect the worry about whether to go Blu-ray or HD DVD and takes your standard DVD footage and through clever technology upscales the resolution of the footage to a HD-Ready 1080p picture.

The result, according to Arcam is standard definition DVD footage looks considerably better.

Arcam MD Charlie Brennan commented; "The DV137 is the result of the most intensive development project Arcam has ever undertaken. This is a truly superb universal player and a great reason not to be a beta-tester for BluRay or HD-DVD."

However, the new technology will come at a price; £1200

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