Up until 3 weeks ago I was only terrified by one other person - aside from Mrs Pocket-lint - getting hold of the remote control.

You see the more they make TV remote controls more colourful the more the Pocket-lint mutt, aka Boston, thinks it’s a toy to be munched.

However now I've got a bigger worries, albeit one that isn't personally going to strike for a while, but one that is already playing on my mind.


In steps the weemote 3 TV Remote for Kids that not only will save your remote from destruction, but allow you to program only the channels you want your kids to watch.

Sporting a child friendly design and the promise of ease-of-operation the weemote will allow you to program up to 10, 4-Digit channels.

According to the site, the weemote supports TV's, TV/VCR, Analog and Digital Cable, DirecTV, Dish, TiVo, ReplayTV and Ultimate TV.

Although the company itself doesn't ship to the UK, Smarthome.com who also sells it, does.